SSSniperWolf Bio and Trivia: A Phenomenon Female Youtuber Gamer

On this occasion, let me tell you about SSSniperwolf. Who doesn't know about her? Well, SSSniperwolf will undoubtedly stand out regarding the term female gamers. She has been sharing her enthusiasm for gaming with millions worldwide since she first played her first video game. 

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Her Background

First of all, let's talk about her background. This talented female gamer was born on the 22nd of October, 1992. The real name of this female gamer is Alia Shelesh. Alia was born and raised in Liverpool, England. In addition, she has shared brief info about her family members, even though she doesn't share the name of her parents, and she hasn't posted any pictures of them on social media. SSSniperwolf, a.k.a. Alia Shelesh, was born in Greece. She has a Greek father and a Turkish mother.

She moved to Phoenix, Arizona, when she was six years old. Besides English, she also speaks Arabic fluently. She has one sister and two brothers. They are Ranya Lasagna, Bakir, and Paul. Alia is British and American by nationality. In addition, she belongs to the multicultural and multiracial ethnicity. Regarding religion, she and her whole family are firm Christians.

Furthermore, her nickname (SSSniperwolf) is drawn from one of her favorite famous cultural figures, 'The Villain Sniper Wolf in Metal Gear Solid.' Alia's career began in 2013 when she initially joined YouTube, providing 'let's play' and game reviews. She also enjoys first-person shooters and participates in Celebrity tournaments regularly. That's why the name of SSSniperwolf comes into life.

Her Career

She is gaining a lot of attention for her reaction to popular games like Call of Duty and PUBG. She has become a successful YouTuber in recent years as a figure in eSports, and her power is expanding with time. It's suitable for a YouTuber Gamer who can get this madness popularity.

Despite being frequently involved in controversies, including clickbait, adult movies, and nude scandals, she can make an average of $7 million from her networking and has won Game of the Year multiple times over her career. 

This female Youtuber's success stems from her partnership with some of the world's largest game brands, including EA, Disney, Activision, and Ubisoft. Being the brand ambassador of those game brands, she has confirmed her position as one of the world's top female gaming influencers.

Furthermore, Alia Shelesh loves gaming and creating and producing her outfits. Adding another hobby to her internet persona on social media platforms such as Instagram, she also created a second YouTube channel dedicated to DIY clothes, fashion reviews, and make-up tutorials. She also enjoys anime culture and participates in the cosplay trend, dressing up as characters from video games and television.

SSSniperWolf Bio & Trivia: A Phenomenon Female Youtuber Gamer

Her Debut

Then, let's talk about her appearance on TV. Her debut on television was in Droit au Coeur (Radio-Canada) in 2006. In 2013, she became a writer for the TV program SSSniperWolf. In 2017, Alia Shelesh hosted Clickbait and appeared on YouTube Rewind: The Shape of 2017 and FANtasies. Furthermore, she was a part of the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards 2019 for two years in a row in 2019-2020, and she frequently appears in Dhar Mann's mini-series.

To sum up, Alia Shelesh, is an excellent and talented person. She enjoys her well-earned luxury with her family. She purchased a gorgeous house a few years ago. She has several additional assets she has never published on social media platforms. She has personalized vehicles and fancy gadgets. I want you to know that she is doing well and enjoying her life. Additionally, she earns significant income through paid promotions, commercials, and YouTube videos.

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